Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election Educates

WOW! I love that my students were so interested in the election today. They had so many questions and we were able to have some great conversations. I believe that learning opporunities like today should not be wasted. While there may not be questions about the Electoral College on the standardized test, it is great way for students to make connections. For example, students can practice addition by adding up the electoral votes each candidate receives. They can then find the difference between the two by subtracting. Students can practice writing by writing a formal letter to the new President addressing their concerns. Reading news articles about the election allow students an opportunity to practice reading comprehension as well as fluency. If you are creative, the election presents many opportunities for students to learn. Students will remember the information that they are learning because they will connect it with a real world experience. It's a win-win for teachers and students!

Tuesday's Technology Tip

Wow! It's already Tuesday again and it's already NOVEMBER! I recently found a fun way to share lots of information with my students at once. The website is called Edcanvas and I LOVE IT! You are able to share YouTube videos, websites, documents, and more in one location. You can then post your "canvas" on a website, social media site, or other learning tool. A couple of the canvases that I have used with my students are attached. If you are using this in your classroom, please let me know and share any great ideas! Election 2012 Edcanvas Famous Structures Edcanvas